About Wells Fargo Watch

Wells Fargo Watch is a consumer advocacy group for Wells Fargo customers. Wells Fargo Watch is not affiliated with Wells Fargo or sponsored by Wells Fargo.

I created Wells Fargo Watch after being frustrated with the customer service that I received from Wells Fargo. My wife and I have a home loan with Wells Fargo and have been trying to remove the PMI (private mortgage insurance) for more than 2 years. We were clearly eligible to have this removed but due to Wells Fargo's terrible customer service, smoke screens, stonewalling and refusal to take responsibility for their errors, I continue to pay PMI on my home loan. After dealing with Wells Fargo it appears to me that they've purposely made the PMI removal process difficult so that customers either give up or at the very least, end up paying PMI for many more months then they should have to. To learn more about my experience check out my Wells Fargo home loan story.

After being thoroughly frustrated with the abysmal customer service that Wells Fargo provided to me concerning the PMI on my home loan, I started to search the internet for consumer resources. After finding several consumer advocacy websites it became clear that my experience receiving poor customer service from Wells Fargo was not unique. I found many bulletin boards with disgruntled Wells Fargo customers spanning the full scope of Wells Fargo’s products and services - home loans, banking, and other financial services. However, there didn't appear to be one central location where Wells Fargo customers could communicate, so Wells Fargo Watch was born.

It is my hope that this site can educate, warn, and offer a community for Wells Fargo customers to interact. Hopefully as a community we can learn from each other's experiences. As I continue to fight with Wells Fargo to remove my PMI I will post my findings here so that other people can learn from it and won't have to go through it themselves. I’m hoping other people will do the same and share their stories with the community.

If you have a question, comment, or complaint about Wells Fargo check out our Wells Fargo Forum.

Wells Fargo Home Loan

If you are considering a Wells Fargo Home Loan I would highly recommend that you take your business to another loan company.

Do not get a home loan from Wells Fargo. I have a home loan with Wells Fargo and have been trying to remove the PMI (private mortgage insurance) from my loan. It has become clear that many of Wells Fargo's policies and practices are designed to be confusing and slow in order to frustrate and discourage customers from exercising their rights on the home loan. Their consistent stonewalling and smokescreens have cost me thousands of dollars.

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