Don't get mad, get even

Got a mortgage or other consumer loan with Wells Fargo? Tired of what they jokingly call "customer service"? If so,now's time to send them a message telling them to shape up. The message is easy to send. Just split your mortgage or car loan payment (this likely won't work with credit cards) into 2 or more parts and send the payments so they get to Wells Fargo on different days. Since their systems can't handle split payments, Wells Fargo will have to process your payments manually to straighten things out. If they have to process enough mortgages and car loans manually, Wells Fargo will be forced out of these businesses because of the high processing costs. Just make sure you pay the full amount that's due, and that all payments get there on time. If you do this, there's nothing Wells Fargo can do but shape up or gnash their teeth. And you'll be helping the economy by forcing Wells Fargo to hire more people in their loan processing departments.