Contact Wells Fargo Officers Directly via Email

Some people find it difficult to believe any of Wells Fargos' 150,000 employees or millions of customers would ever be critical or dissatisfied with the firms' level of customer service, operations, financial performance, ethics, data privacy and information security safeguards, etc. Of course, a brief look at or a quick search on any Internet search engine offers ample evidence that Wells Fargo is discriminatory, unethical, and engages in questionable if not illegal business practices.

In any case, if you want to contact Wells Fargo regarding any of your concerns or complaints, you may want to check out the contact information (including individual phone numbers and email addresses) for numerous Wells Fargo departments and employees at

Please let us know what sort of response (if any) you receive from Chairman Dick Kovacevich or others at Wells Fargo. And if you know how to contact specific Wells Fargo employees who are not currently listed on our site, please send us this information. We will be happy to include it on our website at